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Sack Day



"Blessed to be a Blessing"


Sunday, November 24, we get the opportunity to express our gratitude for the tremendous blessings God has given us.  Green Lawn's Sack Day is a special opportunity to share our blessings and help feed the hungry.  Go to the store and fill up a sack or two with canned goods and other groceries to replenish the Blessing Center pantry.  On that Sunday morning, we will fill the front of the auditorium with your donations.

Let's fill the building with lots of food for people that need help.


Read about the history
of Sack Sunday here!


Here are some ideas of what to bring ...

peanut butter canned fruit canned meats
dry beans canned vegetables macaroni and cheese
spaghetti sauce pasta crackers
canned soup rice cereals (hot or cold)
paper towels toilet paper hygiene items


Instructions for Sack Sunday:

  1. Accumulate your non-perishable items from the list below over the next couple weeks.

  2. On Sunday, November 24th, bag the items and bring them to the church building.

  3. Place your bags in the designated locations in the foyers or keep them with you in the pews.

  4. At the selected time during the assembly, we will encourage children and adult helpers to retrieve the bags, deliver them to the front of the auditorium, and place them on the stage where they will remain until Sunday evening.

  5. Then after the Sunday evening assembly, volunteers will be needed to load the items and transport them to the Blessing Center to be stored.


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