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COVID-19 Response

Click here to go directly to the list of calendar adjustments to the Green Lawn schedule.


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Sunday Worship Live Stream Wednesday Adult Zoom Classes Video 
Activities for Children

Check out the "How To" videos for taking advantage of our online resources.

Do you need to talk to someone? Are you overwhelmed by social distancing? Are you discouraged because of stay-at-home orders? Do you feel anxious over fearful circumstances? We'd like to help.
Call one of our shepherds or ministers. 
Or click here to let us know , and someone will call you.


Green Lawn Update

November 12, 2020


The recent spikes in positive COVID tests and resulting hospitalizations have raised several questions as we continue to meet as a church. We continue to take the situation seriously and want to respond accordingly.

Throughout the pandemic, we have all had to make difficult but needed adjustments in our lives.  At Green Lawn, we have had a COVID Response Team that has led through those adjustments as a church family.  They continue to monitor the situation, keeping track of developments and the daily cases of COVID locally, and they regularly evaluate and make adjustments to our procedures as appropriate.  We realize that there are differences of opinion, among policy makers and even in the medical community, about the best ways to address the threats from COVID.  Our COVID Team, shepherds and ministers are taking all of these into consideration and are attempting to use our best judgment based on the information we have.

The COVID Response team is not just interested in our physical well-being; they recognize the vulnerable spiritual condition we find ourselves in.  They know how important it is for us to meet in person and continue to grow in faith, and they understand the spiritual damage that can result from prolonged isolation.  So, to do our best to continue to assemble, we want to remind you of the following.

  • If you are among the most vulnerable to the severe COVID outcomes, or if you are ill, PLEASE STAY AT HOME and take care of yourself.  We want you to participate with us online.  (And if you need help getting online, please ask.)

  • When you come to the Green Lawn building, we strongly recommend that you wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Masks and distancing are required in classrooms, hallways and foyer areas.

  • One of our main reasons for being together is for fellowship and blessing one another in person.  This “one another” fellowship can occur in our classrooms and outside.  During this time when COVID cases are on the rise, we are asking that the hallways and foyers not be used for visiting with one another.

  • When assemblies and classes conclude, please do not go home immediately.  Please hang around outside and take the time to talk with one another.  Our time together is vital, especially under present circumstances.

Thank you for the way you have responded to these unusual circumstances.  Our goal, as it has been from the beginning, is to respond to one another in ways that are loving and considerate.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to one of the shepherds or ministers. 






Here are some steps we are taking to provide a safe and clean space for learning together.
(Click here for a brochure listing these measures in more detail.)

  • Face coverings will be required in all classrooms for persons 10-years-old and older.
  • Social distancing will be observered.
  • Congestion in hallways will be avoided.
  • Drop-off and Check-in locations will be specified for children's classes.
  • Water fountains and coffee stations will remain closed for now.
  • Custodial staff is cleaning and disinfecting after every gathering.
  • Children will not share supplies in classes.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be on hand in classrooms.

(Click here for a document detailing all the plans Green Lawn

is putting into place for reopening its classroom space.)



The Green Lawn Calendar:

Sunday Assemblies

SUNDAY ASSEMBLIES at 8:00 and 10:30 am. We will also continue with an online live stream at 10:30am.
Follow this link to the online stream.

Sunday Classes In-person classes have resumed in the building.
Those who cannot join us in-person have the option of connecting with a class with Zoom during the class session. Email for Zoom links. 
Video of each class lesson is also available.
Blessing Center

Operating on the Normal Schedule helping the church and community with food and clothes.

Mondays: 1:00-3:00
Thursdays: 9:00-11:00
2nd and 4th Saturdays: 10:00-Noon

Tuesdays Ladies Class The in-person class has resumed.
Those who cannot join in-person can join via Zoom during class. Email for the Zoom link.
Video of each class lesson is also available.
Wednesday Classes Online studies this fall.
Email  for the Zoom link.
Video of each class lesson  is also available.

Senior Game Day Not Currently Meeting
Saturdays Men's Study Not Currently Meeting 





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