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Tell Me THE STORY - Week 38


"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the LORD Almighty.
(Zechariah 4:6)


God is faithful.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it.  Why?  Because His promises are about His determined purpose in our world.  We are blessed when we acknowledge Him and participate in what He is doing.  Unfortunately, far too many times, people forget.  People – even God’s people – have to be prompted and prodded to remember God’s good promises and faithfulness.  When we do remember, and trust Him, and follow Him, and obey ... get ready for what God will do!


 Watch these videos as you read THE STORY this week.


"Ezra At A Glance"


"Haggai At A Glance"


"Zechariah At A Glance"


"Esther At A Glance"


   Bible At A Glance is only available to members of the Green Lawn church.
This resource may be purchased at .





Reading Schedule for Week 38

Week 38 Readings


Teaching Notes for Week 38 Class

Visuals for Week 38 Class





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