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COVID-19 Response

Click here to go directly to the list of calendar adjustments to the Green Lawn schedule.


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Sunday Worship Live Stream Adult
Bible Class
Activities for Children

Check out the "How To" videos for taking advantage of our online resources.

Do you need to talk to someone? Are you overwhelmed by social distancing? Are you discouraged because of stay-at-home orders? Do you feel anxious over fearful circumstances? We'd like to help.
Call one of our shepherds or ministers. 
Or click here to let us know , and someone will call you.


Green Lawn Update

May 28, 2020


What to expect when we reopen on May 31 …

To be warmly welcomed … from a distance

For all of us who enjoy hugging, hand-shaking or head-butting, let’s hold off a little longer and bask in the joy of seeing one another’s faces.  To prevent any hand-to-hand exchange, please print out and bring your own bulletin or sermon study sheet, if you want one.

To be in a clean and safe environment …
     where you can celebrate being cleansed and saved

Our maintenance crew is working hard each week to keep everything attractive and clean.  In between assemblies, a crew will work to clean common areas like pews and bathrooms.

To be given instructions from kind people …
     who may be wearing masks and gloves

Our greeters and ushers will be giving helpful instructions to make this a good experience for everyone.

To sit live in the auditorium with your family …
     in staggered seating away from your normal seat

Unusual circumstances move us out of our comfort zones and can be opportunities for growth and usefulness.  Please look at this as one such opportunity.

To be joined in spirit by people who are online …
     so we can keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

There will be some people who would go through snow and fire to gather with the church, but because they are vulnerable to the virus, they need to stay safely at home.  We have not forgotten them.  Instead, we will continue to do a livestream of the 10:30am assembly online each week.

To commune together … without trays being passed

Please bring your own communion supplies.  Some of them can even be secured during the week from the church building.  This allows you to control what you are exposed to.

To be given an opportunity to give … in a secure way but without passing the plate

As ministry continues, so does the need for financial support.  Your generosity has been great through this time, so please utilize online giving or the secure containers available in the foyers.

To spend time in the infallible Word of God …
     so you can live in a fallen and uncertain world

Anxiety can be found all around us.  Fears about the physical or economic future haunt many people.  But Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Our hope is still in Him.


To exit in an orderly and safe way …
     so we will all be healthy enough to gather again next week

Like the stay-at-home orders, we don’t know how long we will feel the effects of the virus, so let’s be smart and considerate so we can continue to meet to show our love for the Lord and one another.


To assemble in the big room … but hold off on the small rooms for now

We look forward to returning to Bible class discussions and small group sharing, but those more intimate settings make it harder to practice safe social practices.  People can meet in some small group settings now provided it is safe, and we will continue to gather through various online formats, but we will move more gradually toward our full course of in-person Bible classes and groups.


To experience God, the Son and the Spirit …
     so you can share the Good News of Jesus

The message and mission do not have to change just because the methodology changes.  We are still ambassadors for Christ.  Each week, we are still being sent into the mission field to be salt and light.  Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you!


Time to Extend Grace,
for Yourself and Others

The ultimate guiding principle for what we do during this COVID-19 pandemic is the question, "What is the most loving thing?"  As Green Lawn begins to open the auditorium again for gathered assemblies, it will be good to see one another face-to-face again.  There are those, however, for whom it would be better to wait a while and enjoy the live stream of our worship a little longer.  Those who are vulnerable or sick may want to consider staying at home until it is safer for you to join us in person.

This video features Larry Rogers, one of our shepherds, as he explains his decision to stay at home a while longer.  This is a time to extend grace – to ourselves and to others – as sometimes difficult decisions are made about when is the right time to leave the house and be out around people again.

If you need to discuss your decision with one of our shepherds or ministers, please contact us and let us help.




Sunday Live Stream

As we begin to meet together again in the auditorium, we will continue to have an online stream of the assembly each week. We may still have those who are separated physically, but we will join in heart and spirit in homes all over Lubbock. Join the live stream by clicking here or with the menu item at the left on this page.


Church Office

The office is back open, but appointments are encouraged. If you need to contact the church office for any reason, you can call
(795-4377) or email ( ). The church website, InFellowship, and Facebook are great ways to stay up-to-date. Never hesitate to contact us for help with any of these communication resources.


Weekly Bulletin

Our regular bulletin with news and prayer updates will continue as an online resource. Find it online here. You will need to login to the website to get it (at the bottom of the page). If you have not registered for a member login, you will be given a chance to do so. It may take a day or two to approve your request.


Adult Classes and Small Groups

Several have taken advantage of online meetings to get together, study God’s word, have spiritual conversations, enjoy one another and pray together.  If you have not been a part of those, contact the church office and get connected with a group.  Videos of the Bible class lessons are also available each week on the website. 


Connecting with Groups Online

There are several ways for you to get a group together online. We have some ideas that you can download here for connecting with others even while you are stuck at home. Try some of these. Refresh your spirit and bless the lives of other as well.


Wednesday Night Bible Class

Keep up a regular habit of Bible study on Wednesday nights. A very good resource is our subscription to RightNow Media. Click on these instructions to get started.

We will have a class on Zoom for children and their families on Wednesdays during the summer, with an adult session following it.


Giving Online

The work at Green Lawn continues, and in fact will increase as unique needs during this time arise. Remember to practice the Grace of Giving. Drop your check in the mail, bring it by the church office, or use our online giving option. Go to this page on our website for futher details.


A Special Way to Bless Someone's Life

Download the document below. Print several off, place your name and number in the spaces provided, and place one on every door in your neighborhood. Let your neighbors know that you are there to serve in ways you are able, and that you are ready to pray for them as needed. This is a great way to be Jesus to your neighbors.

Neighbors helping neighbors - Screenshot


Changes to the Green Lawn Calendar:


SUNDAY ASSEMBLIES resume on May 31. Assemblies will also continue with an online live stream at 10:30am.  Follow this link to the online stream.

Sundays and Wednesdays SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLASSES will not meet until further notice.
Mondays and Wednesdays BRIGHT HORIZONS will not have classes until further notice.
Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

THE BLESSING CENTER will operate with its normal hours, but will only be able to help curbside with food.

Mondays: 1:00-3:00
Thursdays: 9:00-11:00
2nd and 4th Saturdays: 10:00-Noon

Tuesdays TUESDAY LADIES CLASSES have been cancelled until further notice.
Thursdays SENIOR GAME DAY is cancelled.
Saturdays MEN'S BIBLE STUDY GROUP has been cancelled until futher notice.





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