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Tell Me THE STORY - Week 21


Give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.
(1 Kings 3:9)


Have you ever been handed a job that you felt completely inadequate and unequipped to do?  That must have been where Solomon found himself when his father David, the man after God's heart, handed the throne of Israel to him.  Where would he start?  How would he meet the challenge?  He pleaded with God to give him a discerning heart.  That's not a bad place for us to start, too.


 Watch this video as you begin to read THE STORY in 1 Kings.

 The entire video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here. 


Later in the week, watch this video as you read THE STORY
in Solomon's Song of Songs.


"1 Kings At A Glance"

1 Kings

 "Song of Solomon At A Glance"

Song of Solomon

  Bible At A Glance is only available to members of the Green Lawn church.
This resource may be purchased at .


Reading Schedule for Week 21

Week 21 Readings


Davids Military Campaigns


Teaching Notes for Week 21 Class

Visuals for Week 21 Class





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