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Tell Me THE STORY - Week 49


I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God
that brings salvation to everyone who believes.
(Romans 1:16)  


What do you believe, and how firmly are you established in what you believe?  How you answer that sets your direction for everything else: your attitude, your behavior, your relationships, your values, your hopes, your dreams, and so much more.  You can either go through life courageously and boldly knowing what you believe, or you can go randomly along without aim or purpose.  Some have a hard time talking about what is most important to them because they have no confidence that what they believe in is even worth believing.  But you can approach life boldly, and you can speak with confidence about what you believe, because what you believe is found in Jesus Christ.



"Romans At A Glance"


Bible At A Glance is only available to members of the Green Lawn church.
This resource may be purchased at .




Reading Schedule for Week 49

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