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Tell Me THE STORY - Week 51

So think clearly and exercise self-control.  Look forward to the gracious salvation
that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.
(1 Peter 1:13, NLT)


Have you ever gotten distracted?  Maybe it was while you were driving, and your eyes were drawn from the road in front of you.  Perhaps you were trying to read, and someone turned on the TV in the room.  It may have been while you were trying to have a serious discussion with someone, and a joke or story got you off-topic.  How about as you were walking with Jesus, and something or someone drew you off course?  Distractions are a problem because they can pull your attention from truly important things.  In some cases, the results can be disastrous.  So it is with our faith.  If we don’t stay attentive and focused, distractions will lead us away from truth and godly living.  The life of faith must be lived with intentionality.  So stay alert!



"1 Peter At A Glance"

1 Peter

"Hebrews At A Glance"


"2 Timothy At A Glance"

2 Timothy

"2 Peter At A Glance"

2 Peter

"Jude At A Glance"


Bible At A Glance is only available to members of the Green Lawn church.
This resource may be purchased at .


Reading Schedule for Week 51

Week 51 Readings


Teaching Notes for Week 51 Class

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