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Easter Sunday

Join us for Easter Sunday
April 21
Message: The Journey from the Tomb

Welcome to Green Lawn!

Guest Center

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Written by Dewey Howard   
Monday, 31 August 2015 15:45

Faith in the Home Night
April 21, 2019

 Why are we doing this?

Paul instructed Timothy to … train yourself to be godly
(1 Timothy 4:7).  He made it clear that lifelong faith comes from intentional training, and that begins in the home.

When are we doing this?

We will not meet Sunday evening, April 21, at the church building.  Instead, you are encouraged to get together with your family and/or others to study this material.

How do we do this?

Follow the instructions below and begin building faith at home.
(You can also download a PDF version by clicking here.)



Theme: The Second Coming of Christ

Possible Songs – I Can Only Imagine; When We All Get to Heaven;
                              Great is Thy Faithfulness; In Christ Alone

Prayer – Ask everyone to share one thing he/she is grateful for
               and then have someone give thanks to God.


Story – A life insurance leaflet tells this story of a father and his ten-year-old daughter who were both good swimmers.  Together, they entered the waters of the Atlantic at a New Jersey seashore resort many summers ago.  After enjoying the ocean for a while, they drifted some distance from the shore and became separated.  The father realized they were being carried out to sea by the tide. He called out to his daughter: "Mary, I am going to shore for help. If you get tired, turn on your back; you can float all day on your back. I'll come back for you." Before long many searchers in boats were scanning the water hunting for the small girl, while hundreds of people who heard the news waited anxiously on shore. It was four hours before they found her, far from land. She was calmly floating on her back and not at all frightened. Cheers and tears of joy and relief greeted the rescuers as they came to land with the little girl.  With calm assurance, the little girl explained, "My dad said he would come for me, and that I could float all day, so I swam and floated, because I knew he would come." 

Questions from the story:

1. If you had been the little girl, what would have scared you?

2. If you had been the little girl, what would have kept you calm and confidant?

3. Read Luke 2:1-20 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.  In what ways will Jesus' second coming
    be different from His first coming? 

4. What should we be calm and confidant about Christ's second coming?

5. What are some things you can do in this life when fear enters your heart?

Prayer –
 Have everyone mention something that excites them about Jesus coming again,
               then pray a prayer of praise for God’s goodness in sending Jesus back. 




Options for older children and adults
1) Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.  What strikes you about the second coming?  2) How does Jesus’ second coming affect your everyday life?

Options for younger children:  
1) Take children out to look at the clouds then read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 again to them.  2) Ask the children to act out what they think they will do when they see Jesus. 
3) Tell your children why you believe Jesus is coming again.

A Call to Action:  1) Start each day praying, “Come Lord Jesus!” and live with the calm and confidence knowing one day He will;  2) Go and sing songs of assurance to some elderly Christians or people in a nursing home; and/or 3) Sing and praise God when the church gathers with your confident belief!

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