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Hope Matters: A Study of Colossians


TThe citizens of Colossae prided themselves for their enlightened approach to spirituality. They took a little bit of this religion and a little bit of that to form "something" new and improved. There wereome Christians were not immune to this. The apostle Paul, however, had little patience with this approach. When you have Jesus Christ, everything else pales in comparison. Our hope matters because of the matters that make up our hope.


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Lessons in the Series on Colossians

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Lesson Title Content
Lesson Outline Power Point Add'l
1 “The More Things Change …”:
Paul’s Concern for Colossae
Introduction to Paul's concern for the Colossians
 --pdf  --pdf  
2  A Reputation for Faith, Hope, Love
and the Gospel
1:1-8, What did Paul find to pray about when he thought of the Colossian Christians?
--pdf --pdf  
3  The Goal of Knowledge:
“Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding”
1:9-12a, What is the purpose of "spiritual wisdom and understanding"?
--pdf --pdf  
4  Jesus, the Object of Our Hope:
Lord of All or Not at All
1:12b-20, Who is Jesus, the reason of our hope?
--pdf  --pdf Clip 1
5 Saints, the Recipients of Hope:
Once Were, but Now Are
 1:21-23, Who are we, the beneficiaries of hope? --pdf  --pdf

6 Paul, A Servant of Christ:
Filling Up What Is Still Lacking
1:24-2:3, Why did Paul rejoice in his struggles as a minister and servant of Jesus Christ?

7 Those in Christ Have It All:
Use It or Lose It
2:4-12, How do we know that truth is found in Jesus Christ and not in all the ways others claim for truth?

8 Can Ceremonialism Fortify Your Hope?  It’s a Matter of Making the Right Cut 2:13-19, How does ceremonialism server the connection a believer has with Jesus Christ?

9 Can Rule Keeping Fortify Your Hope?  It’s a Matter of Lasting Value 2:20-23, Why does rigid rule keeping fail to bring about a holy and pure lifestyle?

10 Living Fullness in Christ:
Be Who You Are (Pt. 1)
3:1-11, How does one's identity in Jesus Christ have a profound and practical effect on his lifestyle?

11 Living Fullness in Christ:
Be Who You Are (Pt. 2)
3:12-4:1, What should take up residence in the life of a believer, and how do we know if it has?

12 Living a Life of Opportunity:
A Hope-Filled Life with Outsiders
4:2-6, How can we "make the most of every opportunity"?

13 Companions in the Service of Christ:
A Little Help from My Friends
4:7-18, How do I find good examples of hope from among the people that I know? And am I such an example to others?


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