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Hebrews: The Fifth Gospel


The Book of Hebrews was written as a sort of Gospel of Jesus Christ from an Old Testament perspective. Hebrews points out that the Law was only a shadow of the realities we have in Christ. Its purpose was to keep Jewish Christians, and even those who read it today, from falling away from Christ.


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Lessons in the Series on Hebrews

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Lesson Title Content
Lesson Outline Power Point
1 A Fifth Gospel: Why Was It Written? Written to whom; possible date; purpose of the book; authorship --pdf --pdf
2 The Divinity of Christ 1:1-14, Christ is divine. He is deity. He is even better than the angels. --pdf --pdf
3 The Humanity of Christ 2:1-18, Christ was 100% human during His time here on earth. He was not a super-hero, he was a man. This is what makes Him perfect to be our Savior. --pdf --pdf
4 The Superiority of Christ 3:1-19, Jesus Christ is even greater than Moses, the great law-giver. This is an especially important point to make in view of the letter’s Jewish audience. --pdf --pdf
5 The Hope of Christ 4:1-5:10, Through Christ, our High Priest, we can obtain an eternal rest with God in heaven. --pdf --pdf
6 Maturing in Christ 5:11-6:20, We need meat as much as we need milk to grow strong in Christ so that we do not become lazy and miss out on our inheritance.
--pdf --pdf
7 The Priesthood of Christ 7:1-28, Jesus is a priest in the order of Melchizedek. He is our one-time-for-all-time priest. Never will we need another. --pdf --pdf
8 The New Covenant of Christ 8:1-13, The Old Testament covenant was only a shadow of the reality we have in this New Covenant that Christ has established. --pdf --pdf
9 The Sanctuary of Christ 9:1-28, The sanctuary of Christ is one in which we can approach God with confidence; no veils of separation exist for the Christian.


10 The Sacrifice of Christ 10:1-18, As it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins, Christ offers Himself up as our perfect sin offering. --pdf --pdf
11 The Perseverance of the Christian 10:19-39, The relationship we enjoy with God is a spiritual one. Some day it will be face-to-face. It is a relationship Christ makes possible for us now as well as in the future. --pdf --pdf
12 The Hall of Faith 11:1-40, Faith being lived out among a sinful people. The best definitions of faith being lived out. --pdf --pdf
13 A Call to Persevere! 12:1-29, Faith always leans on God. Therefore, we must learn how to depend upon God, especially when circumstances tempt us not to. --pdf --pdf
14 Privileges and Responsibilities of the Christian 13:1-25, No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we know that Jesus is always faithful. Christians can have this confidence if they remain faithful. --pdf  


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