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The Torah Theocracy


A practical application study of the moral and civil laws that governed how Israel and Christians are to treat each other, all of which hang on the “greatest commandments”:
“Love God’ and “Love your neighbor”.


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Lessons in the Series on The Law

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Click here for a schedule of lessons in this series.

Lesson 1

The Purposes of the Torah Laws

Introducing the Torah; important terms; the relationship between principles and rules; the endorsements of the Law (internal, in Scripture, by Jesus)

Lesson 2

The Greatest 2 of 613:
Love Is the Basis of the Law


Examining the premise that all the laws link to loving God or loving mankind, your neighbor.  The categories of law to be studied.

Obligations; attitudes; lending; wages; collateral and redemption; needs vs wants; God’s blessings/punishments; tithing’s role

Lesson 3

The Sabbath Cycle

The “rest” concept; weekly Sabbath; special Sabbaths; Sabbath years; Jubilee

Lesson 4/5/6

Personal Responsibility and Liability

Property damage; injury and death to persons; livestock damage/injury; “litigation”; restitution of losses; criminal negligence

Lesson 7

Property Laws
(continued from Lesson 4 notes)

Ownership; allocation of lands; boundaries; redemption; restitution in the Sabbath cycle

Lesson 8

Courts and Oaths

Legal recourse; testimony; oaths; perjury; judges

Lesson 9

Crime and Punishment (Pt 1)

Theft; assault; rape; homicides; kidnapping

Lesson 10

Crime and Punishment (Pt 2)

Penalties; corporal and capital punishment; fines; penal servitude; the absence of prisons

Lesson 11


Betrothal; marriage; divorce; perversions: infidelity, premarital sex, homosexuality, bestiality

Lesson 12

Diet, Heath and Hygiene Laws

Prohibited foods; slaughter regulations; quarantine of the sick; leprosy; sanitation; personal hygiene

Lesson 13

Respect for Creation 

Care of and respect for creation: wildlife, livestock, beasts of burden


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