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Turning the World Upside-Down


This study follows the book of Acts as its basis.  We focus on how it is that some Christians become so passionate about proclaiming Jesus as King, even to the point of death, and how they engaged in conversations about the spiritual life.  The goal is to equip one another to engage in conversation with those we come into contact with every day and move that conversation toward spiritual matters.

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Lessons in the Series on "Turning the World Upside-Down"

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Lesson Title Content
Lesson Outline
1 Overview Acts 17:6 explains the effect the early Christians had on their pagan world. Where do we start to make that kind of difference? --pdf
2 What Are You Passionate About? Mark 12:28-34; Everyone is passionately engaged in the pursuit of something. What dominates your life? --pdf


Who Is God and
How Real Is He?
Hebrews 11:6; To deny myself and take up God as my ultimate passion in life, I must first have a clear understanding of who God is.


video thought

4 What Is "The Way, the Truth, and the Life"? John 14:6; Christians have a belief that conflicts with many theologies, many traditions, and many lifestyles. --pdf
5 What Is Your Mission Statement? Luke 19:1-10; Jesus lived life with a clear purpose. How do we do the same?


6 How Can You Be Extraordinary? Acts 17; God has made you extraordinary. Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. But it begins with the right motivation. --pdf
7 What Does Deeper Commitment Look Like? John 21:15-19 and Acts 5; Passion will result in deeper commitment. It will change the way we view our circumstances. --pdf
8 Are You Taking Advantage of Your Opportunities? Acts 17; What can we learn from Paul's first "street ministry"? --pdf
9 Are You Tending to Your Passion? Acts 19; The Ephesian church started in a great way. Time took its toll on her passion for Christ. --pdf
10 Are You Headed in the Right Direction? Acts 2:36-41; Life moves in two directions: One with God and one without. --pdf
11 Is the Christian Walk about Obligation? Luke 17:10; Fulfill your duty as a child of God. --pdf
12 How Does the Story End? Acts 28:30-31; God's big story has not ended. It is still being written, and you are in that story. --pdf


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