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When the Book of Judges opens, there is so much promise. After Joshua, the great leader of Israel into the Promised Land, and his generation died, the people of God look poised to finish the job of inheriting the promises of God. Something terribly wrong happens, though. The people forget God and follow after the pagan wickedness of the land. The Book of Judges is the story of this falling away, and it is the story of a loving a gracious God who actively pursues the people He chose to accomplish His purposes. The times of the judges of Israel look a lot like the times we live in. What can we learn from their mistakes that will help us avoid falling into the traps of our culture as they did theirs?


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Lessons in the Series on Judges

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Lesson Title Content
Lesson Outline Power Point
1 It Was the Best of Times,
but Now the Worst ...
Judges 1-2; God had given His people possession of the land of promise. They had everything going for them. So why did they fail so miserably? --pdf
2 Patterns of God's Faithfulness Judges 3; Judges illustrates a cycle of disobedience when people choose to ignore God. It is also even more a demonstration of the pattern of God's faithfulness. --pdf --pdf
3 Deborah and Barak:
Wanted -- Someone Who Will Lead
Judges 4-5; Even the judges had difficulty fully submitting to God. God used them anyway. Failing to fully submit, however, has its consequences. --pdf --pdf
4 Gideon:
Putting God to the Test
Judges 6:1-32; Sometimes God chooses an unlikely servant. When that happens, it seems natural -- though perhaps not the greatest sign of faith -- to test whether God is serious. --pdf --pdf
5 Gideon:
Victory Won
Judges 6:1-10, 7:1-25; God's promises are certain. There are some things we must pay attention to if we want to win the victory and experience His promises in our lives. --pdf --pdf
6 Gideon:
Victory Lost
Judges 8; God will bring about great victories if we will trust and obey. But great victories can turn to great defeats if we turn our eyes from His provision. --pdf --pdf
7 Abimelech:
The Man Who Dared be King
Judges 9; Pride and ambition lead to all forms of ungodly behavior. Forgetfulness does, too. These also lead to God's justice. --pdf --pdf
8 Jepthah:
The Tragic Hero of Israel
Judges 10-12; God can do mighty things through anyone who has faith, no matter their background. But watch for the influence culture can have on faith-practice. --pdf --pdf
9 Samson:
The Most Unlikely Judge
Judges 13-15; Sometimes God's choices leave us scratching our heads bewildered. He is at work in the most unlikely of places. --pdf --pdf
10 Samson:
"But His Hair Began to Grow Again"
Judges 16; Samson had trouble with self-control, anger, taking vows seriously, arrogance, and more. But in the end, God worked through his faith. --pdf --pdf
11 Micah and His Idols:
Faith to the Highest Bidder
Judges 17-18; When everyone does as he sees fit, how will that affect families, churches, and society? Israel's history demonstrates the folly of "household gods." --pdf --pdf
12 A Levite's Call to Arms:
Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...
Judges 19-21; Israel had gotten out of the habit of seeking God for guidance. Then she wondered why life had spun out of control. --pdf --pdf
13 Ruth and Samuel:
Being Godly when the World Is Godless
The picture of Israel has not been a pretty one. It is possible, however, to have the hope of godliness even when the culture around you is falling deeper into godlessness. --pdf --pdf


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God had given His people possession of the land of promise. They had everything going for them. So why did they fail so miserably? 


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