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Luke: Falling in Love with Jesus


The Gospel of Luke is the only gospel story written by a Gentile.  The primary theme of Luke is found in Luke 19:10 – “For the Son of man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  Jesus is the universal Savior who touches the lives of all He meets.  Luke goes into much detail as to how Jesus touched people lives – even those who were considered “untouchable.”  We will see the compassion of Jesus as He interacts with individuals and with crowds, men and women, rich and poor, the healthy and the sick.  It is a book that is for everyone and it will help you to fall in love with Jesus all over again – or maybe for the very first time.


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Lessons in the Series on Luke's Gospel

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Click here for a schedule of lessons in this series.


Lesson Title Lesson Outline Power Point

Luke 1:1-4

--pdf --pdf
2 The Annunciation of the Universal Savior
Luke 1:5-2:40
--pdf --pdf
3 This Is the Son of God!
Luke 2:41-3:38
--pdf --pdf
4 Jesus Begins His Ministry
Luke 4:1-44
--pdf --pdf
5 Jesus Prepares His Disciples
Luke 5:1-39
--pdf --pdf
6 The Sermon on the Plain
Luke 6:1-49
--pdf --pdf
7 Compassion in Action
Luke 7:1-50
--pdf --pdf
8 Lessons about Faith
Luke 8:1-56
--pdf --pdf
9 A Multi-Faceted Ministry
Luke 9:1-50
--pdf --pdf
10 What Christians Do
Luke 9:51-10:42
--pdf --pdf
11 Jesus Teaches Us to Pray
Luke 11:1-13; 18:1-14
--pdf --pdf
 12 Controversy with the Pharisees
Luke 11:14-12:12
--pdf --pdf
 13 Warning: Be Discerning!
Luke 12:13-59
--pdf --pdf
14 Questions and Answers
Luke 13:1-35
--pdf --pdf
15 The Joy of Salvation
Luke 14:1-15:32
--pdf --pdf
16 A Disciples Relationship to Money
Luke 16-1-17:10
17 People to Meet, Lessons to Learn
Luke 17:11-37; 18:15-34
--pdf --pdf
18 Jesus Is Headed to Jerusalem
Luke 18:35-43; 19:1-48
--pdf --pdf
19 Issues and Answers
Luke 20:1-47
--pdf --pdf
20 The End is Near...?
Luke 21:1-38
--pdf --pdf
21 When Darkness Reigns
Luke 22:1-62
--pdf --pdf
22 Friday...
Luke 22:63-71; 23:1-56
--pdf --pdf
23 Jesus Triumphs!
Luke 24:1-53
--pdf --pdf


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