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Experience Joy


Paul's letter to the Philippians is, perhaps, the most personal epistle from this apostle. It is a letter written from a friend (Paul) to his friends (the Christians in Philippi). The entire letter is permeated with Christian joy, and this may surprise us because Paul was in prison at the time he wrote it. Paul shows us what real joy is –
a state of relationship above all else.


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Lessons in the Series on Philippians

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Click here for a schedule of lessons in this series.

Lesson Title Section
Lesson Outline Teaching Notes Power Point
1 Christian Joy 1:1-8 --pdf --pdf --pdf
2 Motivations for Christian Service 1:9-18 --pdf --pdf --pdf
3 Living Worthy of the Gospel 1:19-30 --pdf   --pdf
4 Having the Mind of Christ 2:1-11 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
5 Working Out Our Salvation 2:12-18 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
6 Messengers of Mercy 2:19-30 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
7 The Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ the Lord 3:1-11 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
8 Pressing On 3:12-16 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
9 Citizenship in Heaven 3:15-4:1 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
10 Joyous Thinking and Acting 4:1-9 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
11 God Supplies Our Every Need 4:10-23 --pdf --pdf --pdf 
12 The Joy-Full Christian Life review --pdf --pdf --pdf 


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