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For those of us who live in a modern democracy, the ideas of "kings" and "kingdom" can be hard to grasp and even harder to make a reality in our lives. For the Jews in the first century, it was an ever-present reality – and a greatly desired expectation.  According to the Old Testament, a king from God would come who would establish Judah as an everlasting kingdom and free them from domination of other world powers. In his gospel, Matthew introduces Jews to the King they longed to see.  For him, it was absolutely Good News. In our own lives today, we need the good news of the King and the Kingdom over which He reigns. What is this Kingdom? What kind of King do we have? What does it mean to be a citizen of this Kingdom? Matthew has much to teach us.


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Lessons in this Series on the Gospel of Matthew

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Lesson Lesson Title Lesson Is Taken From Lesson Outline Power
Point Slides
1 The Coming King 1:1-2:23 outline visuals
2 Preparation of a King 3:1-4:25 outline visuals
3 Kingdom Citizenship 5:1-7:29 outline  visuals
4 A Kingdom of Power and Mercy 8:1-9:34 outline


5 Messengers for the Kingdom 9:35-12:45 outline visuals
6 Images of the Kingdom 12:46-14:36 outline visuals
7 Authority of the King 15:1-17:27 outline  visuals
8 Entrance into the Kingdom 18:1-21:11 outline handout 
9 Rivals to the King 21:12-22:46 outline visuals
10 Ready for the King 23:1-25:46 outline visuals
11 Suffering of the King 26:1-56 outline visuals
12 Death of the King 26:57-27:66 outline handout 
13 The King Lives! 28:1-20 outline visuals


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