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In the beginning

Passing On a Reasonable Faith in God


Do we have rational, logical reasons to believe in an Almighty God who created all that there is, or do Christians have to fall back on "blind faith"?  In these five sessions, Peter Dahlstrom shares why apologetics (or reasoned justification for something held to be true) is so important for Christian faith, and why truth is always on our side.  "We must never be afraid of truth." Having faith in God as the Intelligent Designer of our universe is not only right, it is also the only reasonable way to approach the evidence.


Session 1: "Apologetics: Principles for Seeking a Reasonable Faith in God"
(audio only)


Session 2: "The Cosmological Evidence for God"


Session 3: "Teleology and the Created Universe"


Session 4: "Special Creation or Organic Evolution: What are the Odds; What is the Evidence?"


Session 5: "Good Science or Pseudoscience?"


Links for additonal resources and materials:

Video clips used during the sessions are from "The Privileged Planet" and "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life" and may be ordered from Illustra Media (

Illustra Media 
Intelligent Design Movies
Does God Exist
"Does God Exist?"
by John Clayton
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