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Peter's message in his letter to the church scattered abroad

Would you agree that the Christian walk is not always an easy one? We have much against us. The expectations for living "successfully" in our society often leaves little room for godly priorities. Our flesh natures wage war against us seeking to dethrone Jesus as Lord of our lives. Those with whom we have relationships sometimes urge us to turn to the "sure thing" we can see rather than the hope in what we cannot see. And the culture we live in is turning more and more anti-Christian threatening to take away the freedom we have enjoyed to follow Christ unhindered. All of this might just lead someone to ask, "Is it worth it?" The apostle Peter responds to the scattered church in his day with a resounding, "Yes!" –  faith and life in Christ is more than worth it. 


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Lessons in this Series on 1 Peter

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Lesson Lesson Title Lesson Is Taken From Lesson Outline
1 "To God's Elect,
Scattered Throughout"
1:1-2 lesson
2 Living Hope 1:3-12 lesson
3 The Sweet Taste of Salvation
Pt 1 
1:13-2:3 lesson
4  The Sweet Taste of Salvation
Pt 2
1:13-2:3 lesson
5 The Difference Your Identity Makes  2:4-12 lesson
6  Relating as Aliens and Strangers
to Authority
2:13-17 lesson
7  Relating as Aliens and Strangers
in the Work Place
2:18-25 lesson
8  Relating as Aliens and Strangers
in Relationships
3:1-7 lesson
9 Responding as Aliens and Strangers ... Together  3:8-17 lesson
10 What Makes Submission and Suffering Worth It? 3:18-4:6 lesson
11  Living for the End 4:7-19 lesson
12 Shepherds and Sheep 5:1-5 lesson
13 It All Comes Down to This:
"Humble Yourselves"
5:6-14 lesson


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