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Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church is a message about rich blessings: God “has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ” (1:3).  Unfortunately, too many Christians walk around as if they are poor, like “spiritual” blessings have no practical benefit.  It is time for us to experience the tremendous blessings we have in Christ, and live in those blessings the way God wanted.  We have been abundantly, richly blessed in Christ so that we can share rich blessings with others!


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Lessons in this Series on Ephesians

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Lesson Lesson Title
Lesson Focus Taken From Lesson Materials
1 Why Write a Letter to Ephesus? Paul's message to a church in a thriving, prosperous city 1:1-2 outline
2 Rich Beyond Our Imaginations: God Imagined It for Us 
The riches of redemption in Christ ... to the praise of His glory 1:3-14 outline
3  Knowing and Experiencing Blessings in Christ Paul's prayer that God's riches will be very real in a believer's life 1:15-23 outline
4 A New Life with a New Purpose  God's incomparably
great power to bring us
from death to life
2:1-10 outline
5 On a Mission of Peace A new community becoming a new, holy temple to bring peace in Christ 2:11-22 outline
6  The Mystery Made Known The mystery of God made known so that God's richest blessings may be known 3:1-21 outline
7 One, Who Are Many,
So We May Be Completely One
God's plan for bringing unity and fullness in Christ 4:1-16

study notes

8 Sharing God's LIfe  Putting off futile thinking to put on new, God-like thinking 4:17-24 outline
9 Imitating God's Life  Putting off futile living to put on new, God-imitating living 4:25-5:2 outline
10 From Darkness to Light Putting off darkness 
to live as light
5:3-20 outline
11 Submit to One Another
(Part 1)
Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ 5:21-33


12 Submit to One Another
(Part 2)
Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ 6:1-9 outline
13 Richly Equipped for
the Spiritual Struggle
Richly armed to live in the blessings we have received in Christ 6:10-24



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