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Wednesday Evening Adult Elective Studies


December 2017 - February 2018

Pick a study that will help you grow in your
daily walk of faith.


5:00 pm Early Bird Class

Jesus Told a Story ...
The Early Bird Class on Wednesday evenings is especially helpful for those who want to attend Bible study before it gets dark in the evenings.  The class will be listening to Jesus, the Master Storyteller, and the parables he told to describe spiritual realities in our language.
Roger Dykes
Room 120

7:00 pm Electives

The Holy Spirit
Who is this mysterious Being we call the Holy Spirit?  There is God the Father.  Jesus was in human flesh.  But there seems to be so much curiosity and confusion about the Holy Spirit.  This study is meant to help us appreciate the third member of the Godhead. 

Dale Mannon
Fellowship Hall West

What Will Heaven Be Like?
It is something we all look forward to, but what does the Bible really say about Heaven and what happens after we depart from this life?  What will Heaven be like?  Where and what is hades?  What is the connection between soul and spirit?  Where will I go when my body dies?  Come ready to dig into God’s word for these and other answers.

Gary Dennis
Fellowship Hall East

Anxious for Nothing
When it comes to anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses, America is the frontrunner.  Thankfully, there’s a practical prescription for dealing with them.  This class will delve into Philippians 4:6-7, the most highlighted passage of any book on the planet, according to Amazon.  Stop letting anxiety and worry rule the day.

Larry Hays
Room 121

Fan Into Flame
“Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you” (2 Tim 1:6).  Do you know what God has given you to be active in His kingdom work?  Find purpose and meaning as you discover the spiritual gifts you have been given by the Holy Spirit, and how those gifts work uniquely within you to be God’s servant how and where He wants you to be.

Dewey Howard
Room 120

Making Disciples with Memory Training
How comfortable are you with finding what you are looking for in Scripture?  This series of classes will share an exceptional memory method that will help you feel more confident with your Bible.  Get ready to find your way around like never before.

Steve Swisshelm
Room 122

66 Blast
God’s word is so grand it can seem a daunting task to gain a grasp of all 31,102 verses. The most common mistake is emphasizing certain texts in a way that conflicts with the whole story of Scripture. Be a part of this class as we hone in on 66 verses (1 from each book). This will be a great help to those who are new to the Bible as well as to those of us who have been reading the Bible a long time. 

Eddie Stillwell
Room 125

Financial Peace University
Every feel controlled by your money (or your lack of it)?  Dave Ramsey’s course helps you learn to be in control.  Get ready to pay off debt.  Save for your future.  Be on the same team with your spouse when it comes to money.  Find the opportunity to be generous towards others.  Learn to manage your finances in a way that honors God.

Tommy Booker
Room 123

Women's Group:
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
Mary was known to have “sat at Jesus’ feet” and Paul described himself as having learned “at the feet of Gamaliel.”  To “sit at someone’s feet” in the first century was a metaphor for being a disciple.  Let’s learn what sincere discipleship is by looking at the life of Jesus, the genuine example of a disciple, as we ask ourselves – am I truly a disciple of Jesus?

Jenny Gilstrap
Room 119

Women of Faith
Being women who serve is more than just something to talk about; it is something to do.  That is what this group of women focuses on each week.  Be a part of these women as they bless and encourage others.

Sandra Behner
Karla Moore
Room 124

Sing Joyfully! 
Every Wednesday evening a group of men and women gather to sing praises to God.  Some songs old, some songs new — all to the glory of our Lord.

Tommy Weaver
Room 127

Divorce Recovery Group
A support group for those who have gone through or are currently in the heartache of divorce.  Find biblical answers and loving support.

Mack and Cindy
Room 125

Self-Guided Study
Have you ever wanted an opportunity to dig into Scripture on your own but just didn’t feel like you had the time you needed to do it?  Or maybe you wanted some tools to help you dig deeper because you didn’t know where to start?  The church library will be open during class time for you to use the resources in the library for personal Bible study.  Several Bible study guides and tips are available on a rack in the library as well.

Library (Room 118)


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