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Empower Logo Workshop Sessions for
Teachers of Teenagers
Nate Bundy

Nate Bundy brings over 15 years of experience as a youth minister.  He is currently the youth and family minister at Altamesa Church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX.  His partner in all of life and in ministry is his wife Kristin Bundy.  They have 3 wonderful children.


Session 1
The Theological Case for Intergenerational Ministry
As we examine the scripture, we will see that from the beginning, God planned for the nuclear family to play the central role in our spiritual formations.  However, we also see that just below the nuclear family, he intended for the generations of a faith community to be vital as well.  We will discover what large steps God took to include intergenerational ministry in the faith formation of his people.


Session 2
The Problems that the Next Generation Face
We will begin the class defining intergenerational ministry for today‚Äôs church, and then move on to the staggering statistics our youth face concerning faithfulness to God post-graduation of high school. 
We will investigate the ways in which the faith community has failed to connect
with the youth culture of today.


Session 3
Solutions that Intergenerational Ministry Offer
While understanding our limitations, we will see investigate current studies of the faith of adolescents.  We will see how intergenerational ministry meets the needs of the youth of today, and fosters a system in which we can combat the problems that they face (as discussed in the previous class).


Session 4
Practical application of Intergenerational Ministry
This class will be designed to answer questions conceived in the previous sessions, and discuss ways in which we can see how intergenerational ministry will fit into the life of the specific congregations in which we serve.  We will look into what programs we have that currently suit themselves to intergenerational ministry, what ways we can improve other programs, and brainstorm ideas in which we can adopt intergenerational ministry as a mindset for our faith communities.


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