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Empower Logo Workshop Sessions:
Congregational Leadership
Jack Cummings

Jack Cummings has been in ministry since 1974, part of that time also serving in the United States Air Force. He began preaching for the Western Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas in 2010. Jack retired in 2017 and has been serving as the part-time adult education minister for the West Freeway church. Prior to moving to Fort Worth, Jack served as a full-time elder and Minister of Family Life, Involvement and Outreach for the Green Lawn church. He and his wife Sandra have three adult children and several grandchildren.

Sessions will focus on "Reaching Young Adults"
While Jack served at the Western Hills church, the fastest growing group was the class for young millennials.  Jack was surprised because there were about 10 congregations in the area that worked hard to cater to the millennial population. 
So he sat down with these young adults and asked them why they stayed at
Western Hills. Their input led Jack to write a book that will be published soon, 
What Millennials Must Understand about Leading the Church.
Four chapters from this book will provide the basis for his sessions for the workshop.

Session 1
It's about God's Truth

Session 2
It's about the Kingdom of God

Session 3
Preaching Like Jesus Will Be Costly

Session 4
The Church Is to be Counter-Culture


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