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Weekday Bible Studies

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10:00 am on Tuesday Mornings

Know God: God's Providence

The theme for our Bible Study this year has been to Know God: 1)  God's Attributes, 2) God's Plan - The Kingdom of God, 3) God's Promises, and 4) God's Providence. 

7:00 pm Electives on Wednesday Evenings

All classes are in-person and online.  Contact the church office for links and instructions to get online with a class.

The Lost Art of Listening  

It has been said that it is a miracle that we as humans are able to communicate. It is not that we have trouble talking; we seem to have a very difficult time listening. If I want to be understood, it is vital that I seek to understand first – and that takes good listening. Become a master at the lost art of listening well. "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry" (James 1:29).

Teacher: Dale Mannon

Too Busy Not to Pray  

Most of us have trouble finding time to pray. There's church and school and neighborhood and job and friends and recreation. And then the crises hit! Time for prayer seems an impossible luxury. Lots of people with schedules like this. Yet prayer doesn't happen on the run. And if you will stop long enough, you will realize you are too busy not to pray. Develop a rich and regular prayer life in the midst of life's busyness. Slow down long enough to pray, listen to God, respond to what you hear, practice the presence of God and overcome prayer barriers.

Teacher: Dub Hannel

Become a Natural at Sharing Jesus  
          (March and April)

Most Christians want to share what they have in Jesus with others. They know the love of God and the blessings they have received, and they genuinely want others to be a part of that. Unfortunately, too often it feels unnatural to talk about Jesus with others, or intimidation sets in and fear of knowing what to say prevents a person from sharing Jesus as they would like. Become a natural at sharing Jesus with others. It may be a lot easier than you have ever though possible.

Teacher: Dewey Howard

Life Principles (women's group)
          (March - May)

Your life as a Christian is a wondrous adventure filled with twists and turns, good times, and also difficult challenges. Throughout it all, the Bible is your greatest resource for insight, wisdom, hope, and guidance. God has given hundreds of life principles in His Word – from Genesis to Revelation – to help you become everything He designed you to be.

Teachers: Nora Kopf, Karen Rogers

Women of Faith: Journey with Jonah

The story of Jonah is a favorite in books, videos, and Bible classes tailored for children. The message, however, is very much one that we as adults need to hear. Jonah learned the hard way to say "Yes" to God and "No" to self. Go on his journey of obedience and save yourself some of the trouble Jonah found along the way.

Teacher: Linda Booker

Grief Recovery Group
          (March - May)

Find help on your journey of grief. This group is for those who have lost something in their lives and life has now changed. Grief covers any type of loss. Find support and a time to be with people who understand – who have experienced similar situations and have feelings resembling yours.

Facilitator: Kelsey Brewer

          (coming again in September)

A support group for those who have gone through or are currently in the heartache of divorce. Find biblical answers and loving support. 

Facilitators: Mack and Cindy Alexander

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Self-Guided Study

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to dig into Scripture on your own but just didn’t feel like you had the time you needed to do it? Or maybe you wanted some tools to help you dig deeper because you didn’t know where to start? The church library has many resources for you to use for personal Bible study and growth. Click on the button below for tips and methods to go deeper in your own personal Bible study.

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