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Weekday Bible Studies

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10:00 am on Tuesday Mornings

Know God: God's Promises

The theme for our Bible Study this year has been to Know God: 1)  God's Attributes, 2) God's Plan - The Kingdom of God, 3) God's Promises, and 4) God's Providence. 

The study of God's Promises will be a time of whole group discussion. Ladies at home may connect with the class through Zoom. Each lesson will be led by a discussion leader as we discuss questions, Scriptures, and our experiences concerning the various promises we are studying.

While this will be a new format due to COVID, hopefully all will feel included and blessed by the study.

7:00 pm Electives on Wednesday Evenings

All classes are conducted on Zoom at this time.  Contact the church office for links and instructions.

Beyond the Flannelgraph: A fresh examination of familiar stories 
          (January and February)

For some of us, our earliest memories of Bible stories are likely linked to the flannelgraph. As we grew older, we outgrew the flannelgraph, but has our understanding of the stories taught using that device grown along with us? Far too often the characters in those stories remain as flat and lifeless as those bits of colored flannel. The purpose of this class is to revisit some of these stories seeking to understand them in a way that goes beyond the flannelgraph.

Teacher: Bruce Gilstrap

Racism and Christ 
          (January and February)

While most Christians aren't blatantly racist, the racially-charged events of the past several months force us to go to a deeper level of examination and understanding.  In this class, we seek to better understand the origins of racism, better understand those who are wounded by racism, and how we as Christians can glorify God in our response to racism.

Teacher: Dale Mannon

Will Your Children Have Faith? 

As children grow, they learn new ways of relating with the world around them. Unfortunately, often times these new ways are not necessarily God's ways. What children learn is formed within them because of what they learn from significant adults in their lives. What do you want your children to be when they grow up, and what are you doing to form that while they are young? Perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask is, "Will your children have faith?"

Teacher: Dewey Howard

How to Help Your Children Overcome their Fears

In a survey of 1,000 children ages two to fourteen, 90% expressed an intense irrational fear of some natural object. Facing and overcoming fears is a major growth process for children and adolescents. And by understanding your child's fears, you will be better able to help your children overcome natural but intense fears and guide them through the growing process. Teach your children how to trust God and fear less.

Kyle Jackson

Spiritual Warfare

There is a war going on around us. It is filled with battles and enemies that are unseen, yet the fallout – the carnage and destruction – are all too obvious. To keep from being a casualty in this war, we must learn to recognize the enemy and the weapons he employs. Be prepared, gear up, and pray up, and be ready to help yourself and others in this war for hearts and souls.

Shawn Gary

Do You Want to Share Jesus?
          (March and April)

Almost every Christian I know has the desire to share their faith with someone else. Jesus has done so much for me, I want others to experience His love as well. Unfortunately, many Christians do not know where to start, or they are afraid they will get stumped by hard or difficult questions. Do you want to share Jesus? Then learn how to make it a natural part of your life, and get ready for God to use you to bring His good news to a lost and dying friends and neighbors.

Dewey Howard

          (January - March)

A support group for those who have gone through or are currently in the heartache of divorce. Find biblical answers and loving support. 

Mack and Cindy Alexander

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Self-Guided Study

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to dig into Scripture on your own but just didn’t feel like you had the time you needed to do it? Or maybe you wanted some tools to help you dig deeper because you didn’t know where to start? The church library has many resources for you to use for personal Bible study and growth. Click on the button below for tips and methods to go deeper in your own personal Bible study.

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