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Paul and Janet Hill

Leicester Church of Christ - Leicester, UK

Paul and Janet Hill have been in ministry for 29+ years.  They have seven children who are also active in the body of Christ.  Four years ago, they realized that the city of Leicester (pronounced 'Lester', population 400,000) had no congregation of the churches of Christ.  They began ministering in Leicester in the evenings and on weekends to begin the church there.  Early on in this ministry, Paul was offered a promotion at his place of employment.  However, the promotion came with more responsibilities and more of a time commitment.  Paul turned down the promotion and was subsequently let go.  Praise God!  That meant that Paul could now work full-time in his ministry in Leicester.  Since the inception of the work in Leicester, there have been multiple conversions for Christ.  There have even been members of the church in Leicester who have gone to other places and continue to spread the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

To donate, visit, or get more involved with the Hills and their work, contact Mike Wilson.

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