Outreach & Missions

At Green Lawn, we have a strong belief in discipleship. Part of being a disciple is making disciples. Jesus said to make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them obedience (Matthew 28:19-20). It is essential that each disciple learns how to make another disciple. After all, that was Jesus' first calling to His apostles (Matthew 4:19).

Local Outreach

Green Lawn has a number of opportunities each year to go as a church family and connect with the community. Maybe you would like to become a part of one of these. Or maybe you have an idea you would like to see become a part of Green Lawn's outreach.

  • Green Lawn is committed to blessing Hardwick Elementary. There are several times throughout the year that we serve the faculty and staff at Hardwick.
  • The Blessing Center, the Back Pack Blessing event and the Christmas Blessing event, are great opportunities to meet the community, provide for physical needs, and share Jesus who will meet every need.
  • There are also prayer walks, door knocking activities, and other community outreach events.

Contact Shawn Gary to find out more.

Resources for Sharing Jesus

"So wherever you go, make disciples of all nations: Baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to do everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19-20, GW).

Those of us who know Jesus genuinely want to share the wonderful gift we have received with others. Many of us, however, feel inadequate to do so. Use the resources on this page to become equipped to more effectively and confidently share Jesus with others.

"Becoming a Christian"

This helpful study tool invites a person to read (and even re-read) passages of Scripture and answer questions based on the passages. God's Word speaks for itself, doing its powerful work, and lets the Holy Spirit speak through the words. The study begins with "Coming to Know Jesus," then investigates "Becoming a Christian," and discusses "Living the Christian Life."


"Jesus Can ..."

This study will impress upon you the importance of sharing Jesus with others, give you a tool for marking your Bible to help as you share Jesus, and provide you with three lessons (primarily from the Book of Mark) to use with others are you share Jesus with them.


Discovery Bible Study

This is a step-by-step approach to get into a passage of Scripture and personally apply its truth to your life.  As you ask the questions, “What does it say?”, “What does it mean?” and “What will I do?”, the words of the Bible will spring to life in your personal walk with Christ. Use with people new to the Bible to help them discover God's truths for themselves.


World Bible School


World Bible School (WBS) began as a way to offer Bible study opportunities to foreign students – by mail or online – using WBS curriculum materials.  These materials can also be given to or used with a friend one-on-one.  There are no time limits and no schedules.  You work through the material at your friend's pace.

Material can be picked up from the Green Lawn church office, or check out the WBS website.

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Our Missionaries

Mission work was always been a high priority for the Green Lawn church. We desire to be a "sending church," sending our own members and others we develop relationships with out into a lost world with the good news of salvation in of Jesus Christ. In a sense, then, we are all missionaries sent into the mission field God has paced each of us.

Below, however, are men and women we support spiritually, financially, and relationally to live and work in mission fields around the world to introduce people to a relationship with God through Christ.