Empower is a workshop hosted by the Green Lawn Church of Christ for Bible teachers, church leaders and parents, equipping them for more effective Bible teaching.

Besides the annual in-person workshop, Empower also provides online resources and conversations throughout the year.  Use these resources – and share your ideas with others – as we all help one another glorify God by making disciples and strengthening the Kingdom.

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Workshop Tracks for Teachers of All Ages ... and More!

Older children are encouraged to attend workshop sessions,
but childcare is available for those who register and request it in advance.

Teachers of Babies and Toddlers

Susie Sutton

Session 1
Teaching Birth to 18-Month-Olds Using Palma Smiley's Curriculum

Session 2
Make and Take Session

Session 3
Teaching 24- to 42-Month-Olds Using Palma Smiley's Curriculum

Session 4
Make and Take Session

Many years ago, a young lady with twin baby boys visited her family and her home congregation in Birmingham, Alabama. She was thrilled to find some Bible class materials in the teacher's workroom that were unique and special. Palma Smiley had conducted a teacher's workshop and many of her materials were on display. The young lady reached out to Palma to learn more about her curriculum and that began a friendship that would last over two decades. The young lady was so excited and had many questions! Palma was so helpful and patient and taught the young lady many important teaching concepts. The young lady spent many hours making Palma's materials and using them in Bible class. The hours turned into days and the days turned into many years and Palma and Susie would become dear friends.

Susie has used Palma's Curriculum in Bible class for over 25 years. She still uses it while teaching the two-year-olds at McDermott Road Church of Christ along with her husband, Mike. She also was  the curriculum coordinator  for the birth - 3-year-old age group at McDermott Road for about 20 years. She was a preschool teacher for over ten years and has been responsible for maintaining and sharing Palma's Curriculum Ministry since 2010. She, along with her husband and three grown sons, live in the Dallas Metroplex.

Teachers of Young Children

Kelly Rogers

Session 1
Hook - Start your Bible lesson with excitement and curiosity 

Session 2
Book - Teaching classic Bible lessons 

Session 3
Look - Visuals and games for Bible lessons 

Session 4
Took - Memory verses and take homes to remember Bible lessons.

Kelly has worked with children in a number of different preschools for over 25 years. Including currently teaching at Bright Horizon at Green Lawn Church of Christ. Kelly and her husband Keith have been members at South Plains Church of Christ in Lubbock since 1993. Both have served in many ministries during their time at South Plains. Kelly began working part time as the Bible Land (preschool) children’s minister in April 2017. 

Pre-school age children have always had her heart. Their excitement for everything brings her joy and excitement to spend her time helping them learn to love God and all the wonderful things he can do for them. 

Kelly and Keith have been married since 1987 and have two sons, Keaton and Kadison, and a daughter-in-law, Jenae. The Rogers love spending time with family whether it is at extracurricular sporting activities, traveling, mission trips, camps, or game and movie nights.

Teachers of Elementary Ages

Carolyn Bloodworth

Session 1
Greater than Gold

Session 2
God's Treasured People

Session 3
Uncovering the Riches of God

Session 4
A Treasure of Your Own

Carolyn (Moudy) Bloodworth grew up in Happy, TX, and then attended LCC where she met and married Rick Bloodworth. They moved to Casper, Wyoming in 1982 where they began their family of three children. In 1995, they moved to Happy, Texas to work with the church there. She continued to teach children's and ladies' Bible classes. Using her skills as a graphic artist, Carolyn writes her own curriculum and uses her artwork to enhance her lessons. The highlight of her year is to teach 5th and 6th grade VBS where she helped develop a program started by her mother to encourage children to "hide God's Word in their hearts".

Teachers of Teen Students

Scott Adair

Session 1
The need for a new heart

Session 2
Rediscovering the heart of our faith, pt. 1

Session 3
Rediscovering the heart of our faith, pt. 2

Session 4
Living with a new heart

Scott Adair and his wife, Amy, have been married for 30 years. They have three grown children and one grandchild. Scott has served full-time on the faculty of the College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University since 2001. He has degrees from Harding School of Theology and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. He currently serves part-time at Highway Church of Christ in Judsonia, Arkansas as teaching minister, where he has been on staff for over 26 years. Helping churches base their identity on the Gospel is the focus of his writing projects and his speaking engagements. 

Teachers of Adults

Rick Bloodworth

Teaching from the Same Boat

Session 2
Put Your Commentaries Away and Pick Up Your Bible

Session 3
The Dreaded Lecture Class

Session 4
Interactive Teaching

Rick Bloodworth graduated from Lubbock Christian College in 1982 and began teaching Bible classes immediately upon graduation. Along with his wife Carolyn and daughter Cherise, he designed the 30 Day Bible Challenge – a comprehensive Bible reading program and study which has been used by over 350 congregations to date. Rick has taught over 2,500 adult and teen
Bible classes and stresses the importance of Bible reading and study in order to maintain a spiritually active and healthy
church. He has two Facebook pages: 30 Day Bible Challenge and Common Sense Christian with daily devotionals. He
and his wife Carolyn currently reside in Happy, Texas where he has preached for 25 years.

Outreach through Teaching

Mike Bolinsky

Session 1:
"Using Science to Glorify God"
demonstrations of classroom and Bible Hour favorites from 1975-2021

Session 2:
Evangelistic Efforts Emphasized in Small Classrooms
12 lessons about the end of Christ's life, providing individual charms to reinforce the Bible lesson and to encourage teaching others about Jesus

Session 3
More Evangelistic Efforts Emphasized in Small Classrooms
a different 12 lessons about the beginning of Christ's life providing different charms to reinforce the Bible lesson and to spread joy of telling others about Jesus

Session 4
Miscellaneous Ideas to Capture Hearts
God continues to bless Mike with novel ideas to challenge both kids and adults to hold God's word in their hearts so they can share the gospel with unbelievers.

Mike Bolinsky, along with his encouraging friends, has spent almost 45 years developing visually stimulating lessons and props to share stories from the Bible as well as Biblical application lessons.  All the Bible Stories and Object Lessons are told using chemicals, science principles, unique visuals, and/or magic tricks.  His emphasis is to glorify God in a way that will be remembered in the listener’s heart from that point forward. 

Mike has a variety of work experiences including being a geochemist, all levels science teacher, small business owner, Bible class teacher, Bible Hour Director, and Bible Teacher’s Workshop speaker. Mike has been married to his supportive wife, Jan, for 44 plus years and they have two precious grown daughters. Mike and Jan now live in Midlothian, Texas where he is continually dreaming up new ideas to help share the amazing Word of God.

Mike and Jan worship at the Brown Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas.  Recently the Bolinskys have also become active in assisting in the Bible Hour Program and planning for VBS at Western Heights Dual Language Church of Christ in Dallas.

Teaching Ministry Leadership

Paul O'Rear

Session 1
Bible Class Curriculum and Resources
Having a well-structured, Bible-based curriculum is essential for a strong, engaging Bible class ministry. And it doesn’t have to break the bank! In this session we will look at a cost-effective curriculum option and discuss implementation strategies for any size congregation. We will also look at a number of valuable resources that teachers can use to enhance their Bible classes and their own personal Bible study.

Session 2
Qualifying the Called
How do you make sure you have the right people teaching your Bible classes? In this session we will review a number of practical strategies for selecting and equipping your Bible class teachers, including: the teacher questionnaire, training students to become teachers, and child abuse prevention strategies.

Session 3
Getting Creative!
Ministering to children and teenagers, including in our Bible classes, doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be boring! In this session we will look at some creative ways to engage young people and keep them interested in God’s word and His church, both in and out of the classroom. We will reserve the last few minutes for sharing your ideas.

Session 4
What the Coronavirus Has Taught Me About Ministry
Churches all across the world were forced to rethink and retool their approach to ministry in 2020 due the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. In this session, I will share my personal observations about how this experience has shaped the future of ministry and created opportunities for more effectively accomplishing our mission as God’s ambassadors.

Paul O’Rear serves as Involvement and Education Minister to the Brown Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas. His wife Susan is a middle school math teacher. They have two children: a son Justin who lives in Lubbock, and a daughter Ashley who is in heaven. Paul wrote a book entitled Living With a Broken Heart to chronicle his and Susan’s journey through grief, and to help others who are grieving.

Paul loves music and guacamole (not necessarily in that order). His hobbies include genealogy, web page design and development, blogging, podcasting, volunteering, and collecting stuff (books, coins, coffee mugs, music, insulators, experiences; with new collections subject to commence at any moment without warning or logical reasoning). He has met Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it (and has a picture to prove it). His philosophy of life is simple (because it’s easier to remember that way): “Be good, and have fun!”

Church Security and Safety

Mike Hill

Sessions 1 & 2
Church Security
The topic of church security has become more relevant after recent events. This two-hour session will discuss aspects of securing you building and congregants. Topics will cover situational awareness, safety teams, camera and access control, and more.

Sessions 3 & 4
Stop the Bleed
Stop the Bleed is a national initiative to provide training to the people that are immediate responders during a traumatic injury. STB is a hands-on training that enables the immediate responder to stop uncontrolled bleeding.

Mike has served as the Safety Team leader for Green Lawn Church of Christ since 2001. He spent 24 years as a professional educator, and is also a DPS certified License to Carry and School Safety instructor, NRA instructor, and First Care Provider Certified Stop the Bleed instructor. He is currently the Director of Facilities for the Children's Home of Lubbock where he oversees the campus while providing safety education.

8:30am to 2:30pm

Green Lawn Church of Christ

5701 19th Street
Lubbock, Texas

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