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We believe that life change and spiritual growth happens best in community: authentic, open, and honest relationships where individuals actively participate in the lives of one another and make specific application of God’s Word to their lives. Whether you are with the church in our assemblies or participate in one of our many activities, you will always find like-minded people with whom to share life.


You will also find at Green Lawn a number of groups of various sizes who meet together regularly for Bible study, prayer, service, and sometimes just to enjoy being together. We want to help you be connected to a faith community and grow as a follower of Christ, and actively participate in growing the Kingdom by spreading the message of the gospel. 

Brothers Keepers: coordinated by Gary Estep

Brothers Keepers are multi-generational fellowship and prayer groups that meet once a month for a meal, usually at the Green Lawn building, and focus on building community and sharing life’s long journey together.

Life Groups: coordinated by Shawn Gary and Forrest Cabe

Life Groups are multi-generational and meet in the leaders living room weekly and are focused on discipleship and outreach through Bible study and service. Here we do life together and learn what it means to actively love God and love others. Small groups have an intentional purpose to be small (12 adults max) and intimate, with a goal to mature and multiply every 1-2 years.

Care Groups: various coordinators 

Care groups exist for those seasons in life where we need a little extra help and experience some specific needs and growth. These groups are lead by individuals with a special heart and training for each individual area. (divorce, grief, single parenting, same gender attraction, financial peace, men’s prayer, men’s addictions, etc.)  

Adult Bible Study Groups: coordinated by Bergan Conner

Groups for Bible study meet Sundays and Wednesdays for opportunities to open God's word and through it allow God to interpret, transform, and change lives.  Groups also participate in service projects together and times together outside of the class meeting for fellowship.  Groups are typically organized by life's "ages and stages," and members of a group grow old together.  Some groups are multi-generational and allow for greater opportunities for learning from a variety of ages together.

Fellowship Groups: various coordinators

Fellowship groups are opportunities for people to come together just for the enjoyment of sharing life.  These groups enjoy games, meals, and other recreational activities together.

Service Groups: various coordinators

Groups often form around areas of ministry members share with one another.  Many of these groups form as needed when a ministry coordinator has a project for a group to accomplish.  Other groups come together for longer periods of time for ongoing service.

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