Brothers Keepers

Fellowship Ministry

Brothers Keepers are multi-generational fellowship and prayer groups that meet once a month for a meal, usually at the Green Lawn building, and focus on building community and sharing life’s long journey together.

What to expect:

Brother's Keepers groups are comprised of families and individuals assigned in groups who meet on a monthly basis with the goal of creating community and accountability to one another, as well as strengthening fellowship ties among believers. Each group remains together through the year so that a fellowship of relationships develop and flourish.

Opportunities for service:

  • Become a member of a group
  • Serve as a leader of a group
  • Assist with planning and organizing your group's activities and gatherings

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Let us help you find your God-given role of ministry.

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Heather explains how she came to appreciate and love God's grace for her, and why she is all in for her walk of faith in Jesus Christ.

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