Singles Ministry

Singles Ministry

The mission of the Green Lawn Singles Ministry is to encourage one another to grow to be like Christ in our mind, spirit, and actions as He too walked this earth as a single adult.

What to expect:

The Singles Ministry develops supportive bonds as they encourage one another to seek God and serve other people, whether single or not, who need to see Christ in action and to have Him in their life.

This ministry reaches out to a wide variety of single experiences, whether it be never married, single again, widowed, parenting as a single, and more.

Opportunities for service:
  • Become involved as a participant in classes and activities
  • Host a fellowship activity, devotional, or group meeting
  • Provide childcare for an activity or on an individual basis for single parents
  • Financially donate to help with scholarships to retreats and conferences, or to support with personal needs

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Let us help you find your God-given role of ministry.

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Heather's Story

Heather explains how she came to appreciate and love God's grace for her, and why she is all in for her walk of faith in Jesus Christ.

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