Help for Sex Addictions

Society today is bombarded with information and avenues of a sexual and fleshly nature designed by the "deceiver" we know as Satan to draw the hearts of men away from God. This ministry was started by the recognition and wisdom of godly men that the tools necessary to fight these battles waged by Satan can only come from God and His armor.

My name is James Allison, and I lead the Addiction Support Ministry at Green Lawn. I am a member of the Samson Society. The Samson Society is a worldwide addiction ministry with thousands of active members. I lead a meeting of the Samson Society on Wednesday nights from 8:30p to 10:00p in room 126. For over 15 years this group has supported countless men in recovery from various sexual addictions, and the group also welcomes and supports all addictions. Contact me if you are seeking help in addiction recovery.

Information about joining the Samson Society can be found at and below is the Samson Society Charter:

The Fact

  1. God exists. In the timeless mystery of the Trinity, He is perfectly harmonious, perfectly whole.
  2. God is our Creator. He designed us to live in eternal harmony with Him and each other, and to care for the rest of His creation.
  3. Spurning God’s fellowship, we all have sinned, forfeiting our created place and losing our spiritual lives.
  4. I myself have personally defied God’s law and rejected His love. Alienation from Him has produced darkness and chaos in my life, for which I have often blamed others.
  5. God has continued to love me, even in my active rebellion, and in Christ has done everything necessary to restore me perfectly to Himself.
  6. As I accept responsibility for my sin and find forgiveness in the finished work of Christ, I experience reconciliation with God and am progressively restored to harmony with myself and others.
  7. Despite the lingering effects of sin, I am a restored son of the sovereign Lord, whose Spirit is at work in my weakness, displaying His glory and advancing His kingdom.

The Path

  1. Believing The Fact, I surrender to God in simple faith — making no promises, but merely asking for His aid.
  2. I start attending meetings of the Society, and from its members I select a Silas, a trustworthy traveling companion for this stretch of the road.
  3. In honest detail, I describe to God and to my Silas the course and consequences of my attempts to live apart from God.
  4. Encouraged by my Silas and others, I develop the daily disciplines of prayer, study and self-examination. I abandon self-help, asking God instead to do for me what I cannot do for myself.
  5. I choose to trust the Body of Christ, weighing the wisdom of my friends when facing decisions and seeking their strength when confronted by temptation.
  6. When I can do so without injuring anyone, I make amends for damage I have caused. If direct amends are impossible or inadvisable, I demonstrate my repentance in other ways.
  7. I offer myself as a Silas to others. Each day I ask God for the grace to seek His kingdom rather than my own, to serve those He places in my path rather than serving myself.

The Pact 

  1. God is the sole owner of the Samson Society and its only authority. No member may speak for the entire Society.
  2. All members of the Society are equals friends and fellow servants, bound by love and honor. No member may command the obedience of another.
  3. The Society owns no property, collects no dues or fees, pays no salaries, incurs no debts.
  4. The Society is an extension of the Church Universal. It is not a corporate entity and can make no contracts with congregations, denominations, causes or campaigns, regardless of their merit.
  5. Any two or more persons who believe the Fact, who agree to follow this Path and join this Pact, may initiate a meeting of the Samson Society.
  6. We hold in strictest confidence any personal information shared by other members, unless permission to divulge it is given by any whom its disclosure might affect.
  7. Members are fully authorized to create and distribute, freely or for profit, personal explanations and applications of the Society’s principles — if they neither alter nor violate its Charter and do not prohibit others from copying their work.

Contact James Allison for more details or to connect with a group.