Tell Me THE STORY - Week 27

Expectations and Warnings for a Kingdom People

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. 
(Hosea 6:6)

The prophets were God's servants sent to deliver messages in His name. When they spoke, they did not "beat around the bush" or deal in abstractions and vague generalities. Their messages were direct, practical, and went right to the heart of everyday problems, needs and sins. As Israel and Judah degenerated into increasing godlessness, no one could argue, "Why didn't God just plainly tell us?" If we will only listen today, none of us will be able to say that either. Are you listening? God's prophets of old are still speaking.

Watch these videos as you read THE STORY this week.

"Amos At A Glance"

"Hosea At A Glance"

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