Tell Me THE STORY - Week 37

Serving God on Foreign Soil

We do not make requests of you because we are righteous,
but because of your great mercy.
(Daniel 9:18)

People of God sometimes find themselves – okay, often find themselves – in less than godly circumstances. Those who live around them do not share the same love for the things of God, or even acknowledge God. Those they work with do not operate by the same values and standards. The “gods” of culture stand opposed to the God of Truth, and the pressures to conform are great. What is a faith-filled person to do? Get along to get ahead? Accommodate to gain acceptance? Take a stand and make a point? Even in exile in a foreign place, God is still with His people, actively accomplishing His purposes. His people are called to cooperate with Him and guard His reputation with others who are not His … yet.

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