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10:00 am on Tuesday Mornings

Twelve Ordinary Men

The study this fall, based on the book by John MacArthur, examines the twelve men that Christ chose as his disciples and helps us discover how we can transform our own imperfections into usable tools to impact others.

5:00 pm Early Bird Class on Wednesday Evenings

Premillennialism: Fact or Fiction?

The word premillennialism is a word that causes people to think of:

Jesus returning to earth to reign for thousand years
The book of Revelation (and specifically Revelation 20)
Hal  Lindsay's book: The Late Great Planet Earth

But what is it really about? Does it really matter Christ comes back and reigns for a thousand years on the earth before spending eternity in heaven?

In the last few decades, premillennialism has become widespread through most religious groups and denominations in the Western world. Previously it was considered a belief system held by only the those in the  charismatic movement, but now this teaching has permeated most of the Christian world.

In this series, we want to take a look at the history and the core beliefs of the premillennial view.

We will be touching on several "hot button" issues including:

  • The battle of Armageddon
  • Which Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled?
  • Will the Jewish nation of today received the total land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
  • How should we interpret Scripture and in particular the Old Testament prophecies?
  • Is the Rapture a biblical concept?
  • Can anyone successfully explain Matthew 24?
  • How much of Revelation is yet to be fulfilled?

If these questions interest you, please come to the Early Bird Class at 5 PM every Wednesday afternoon as we attempt to clarify the biblical implications surrounding these questions.

Teacher: Roger Dykes

7:00 pm Electives on Wednesday Evenings

The Holy Spirit

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Holy Spirit.  How does He function? What is His role in the God-head? What does He do? How do we follow the leadership of the Spirit? Participate in this study to gain a deeper appreciation, a fuller understanding, and a closer following of the Holy Spirit.

(This class is a continuation of the study that began in the summer months.)

Teacher: Dale Mannon

If I Believe, Why Do I Have These Doubts?

Faith is the most fundamentally important aspect of following Christ. Yet there are times in every believer's life when the inevitable question arises in the heart and works its way to the soul: If I really believe, why do I have these doubts? The question may have been planted by tragedy or trial. It may have been ignited by rejection or heartbreak. It may even be as simple as an intellectual burr that can't be shaken. If you or someone you know is asking this question, bring help and hope in search of a deeper faith.

Teacher: Forrest Cabe

Communication: Key to Your Marriage

Communication is the key to a vibrant, happy, lifelong partnership. Understand the different ways men and women communicate. Find practical ways to reduce marital conflict, manage anger, encourage each other, and listen.

Teacher: Phil Bryant

"... even if"

"But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; or if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is effective in the patient enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer" (2 Corinthians 1:6).

"...even if" is a ministry for those who suffer from chronic pain or other health conditions. Rather than becoming a cause for defeat, this ministry seeks to turn difficulties into victory as an opportunity to have the glory of God shine.  This class starts with a Bible study of what God can do in trials and troubles and will move into support for those (or their loved ones) who have chronic conditions.

Teacher: Jimmy Griffing

The Fear Factor  (women's group)

"No Fear" is a nice slogan, but the problem is, it's true of no one.  Everyone is affected by this powerful emotion.  The first mention of fear is in Genesis - Adam was afraid and hid from God.  The good news is that God through His word has given us all we need to combat this fear that negatively affects our lives and relationships.  This study is a comprehensive look at the different kinds of fear and how we implement biblical principles to cope with the experience of being afraid.

Teacher: Nora Kopf; Karen Rogers

Sing Joyfully!  (singing class)

Every Wednesday evening a group of men and women gather to sing praises to God.  Some songs old, some songs new — all to the glory of our Lord.

Teachers: Tommy Weaver and others

Grief Recovery Group

Find help on your journey of grief. This group is for those who have lost something in their lives and life has now changed. Grief covers any type of loss. Find support and a time to be with people who understand – who have experienced similar situations and have feelings resembling yours.

Facilitator: Kelsey Brewer

12 Steps: Addictions Recovery Group

The 12 Steps for addictions recovery was originally based explicitly on Christian foundations. The approach follows a set of guidelines designed as “steps” toward recovery, and members can begin or revisit these steps at any time. The steps rely heavily on bringing oneself into complete dependence upon and submission to God.  Be a part of this group and find support for whatever addiction seeks to control you.

Facilitator: Scott Scarborough


A support group for those who have gone through or are currently in the heartache of divorce. Find biblical answers and loving support. 

Facilitators: Mack and Cindy Alexander

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Self-Guided Study

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to dig into Scripture on your own but just didn’t feel like you had the time you needed to do it? Or maybe you wanted some tools to help you dig deeper because you didn’t know where to start? The church library has many resources for you to use for personal Bible study and growth. Click on the button below for tips and methods to go deeper in your own personal Bible study.

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