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10:00 am on Tuesday Mornings

Anchoring in the Storm

Storms are all around us. Every day there are hundreds of thunderstorms brewing around the world. There are also countless storms brewing inside of us. They come in the form of chronic stress, anxiety, death, betrayal, low morale, and paralyzing fear. But God's character is present in every storm we walk through in life, and God is eager to anchor us in that reality. (from Anchoring in the Storm, by Josh Ross)

5:00 pm Early Bird Class on Wednesday Evenings

Premillennialism: Fact or Fiction?

The word premillennialism is a word that causes people to think of:

Jesus returning to earth to reign for thousand years
The book of Revelation (and specifically Revelation 20)
Hal  Lindsay's book: The Late Great Planet Earth

But what is it really about? Does it really matter Christ comes back and reigns for a thousand years on the earth before spending eternity in heaven?

In the last few decades, premillennialism has become widespread through most religious groups and denominations in the Western world. Previously it was considered a belief system held by only the those in the  charismatic movement, but now this teaching has permeated most of the Christian world.

In this series, we want to take a look at the history and the core beliefs of the premillennial view.

We will be touching on several "hot button" issues including:

  • The battle of Armageddon
  • Which Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled?
  • Will the Jewish nation of today received the total land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
  • How should we interpret Scripture and in particular the Old Testament prophecies?
  • Is the Rapture a biblical concept?
  • Can anyone successfully explain Matthew 24?
  • How much of Revelation is yet to be fulfilled?

If these questions interest you, please come to the Early Bird Class at 5 PM every Wednesday afternoon as we attempt to clarify the biblical implications surrounding these questions.

Teacher: Roger Dykes

7:00 pm Electives on Wednesday Evenings

Attributes of God

A.W. Tozer once said, “What comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” 
This study will focus on six unique attributes that can help us not only “think” about Him, but also be ever more thankful for Him, as we strive to know Him, love Him and serve Him daily.

Teacher: Kent Jackson

Great Doctrines of the Bible

What we believe matters.  And what we believe is based on the teachings or doctrines that we embrace.  This study will look at several great doctrines of the Bible that distinguish Christianity from other religions and deal with some of the controversies we sometimes have among believers.  

Teacher: Dale Mannon

Wake Up!  (Lessons from 2 Peter)

The old saying goes, "Familiarity breeds contempt." More often, however, "familiarity breeds complacency." Spend enough time with something and we often take it for granted, or get bored with it, or move away from it all together. That can be true of Christians. At baptism as new convert is excited about the new life he has in Christ, the promises of God he will now get to experience, and the presence of the Spirit in his life. For many, excitement wains the further one gets from their new birth. Distractions in the world, other interesting endeavors, and the stresses and strains of life can wear a person down. Life in Christ requires constant vigilance and intentionality. A believer will not stay strong and spiritually healthy by accident. If you are experiencing any spiritual lethargy, it is time to "Wake Up!" 

Teacher: Dewey Howard

Financial Peace University 

Ever feel controlled by your money (or your lack of it)?  Dave Ramsey’s course helps you learn to be in control.  Pay off debt.  Save for your future.  Be on the same team with your spouse when it comes to money.  Find the opportunity to be generous towards others.  Learn to manage your finances in a way that honors God.  Sign up online at fpu.com/1144018 to take advantage of this class.

Sign up for this session of Financial Peace online.

Teacher: Tommy Booker

The Prayers of Women  (women's group)

This quarter we will examine the prayers of different women in the Bible and learn valuable lessons from each one.  Each woman comes with her own set of circumstances, and each one turns to faith and prayer to solve life's problems.  Together we are our sister prayer warriors and will encourage one another to look to God for peace and grace as we "pour out our hearts like water before the Lord" (Lam. 2:19).

Teacher: Nora Kopf; Karen Rogers

Women of Faith: God of Comfort  (women's group)

The apostle Paul uses the word “comfort” ten times in the opening verses of 2 Corinthians.  He then repeats the word several more times during his letter.  Paul’s message is clear and significant: In all our situations, the God of mercies sustains us.  Come each week as this group of ladies find encouragement from 2 Corinthians and strengthen one another for the journey ahead.

Teacher: Linda Booker

Sing Joyfully!  (singing class)

Every Wednesday evening a group of men and women gather to sing praises to God.  Some songs old, some songs new — all to the glory of our Lord.

Teachers: Tommy Weaver and others


A support group for those who have gone through or are currently in the heartache of divorce. Find biblical answers and loving support. 

Sign up for this session of DivorceCare online.

Facilitators: Mack and Cindy Alexander

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Self-Guided Study

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to dig into Scripture on your own but just didn’t feel like you had the time you needed to do it? Or maybe you wanted some tools to help you dig deeper because you didn’t know where to start? The church library has many resources for you to use for personal Bible study and growth. Click on the button below for tips and methods to go deeper in your own personal Bible study.

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