Ministry Involvement

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

(1 Peter 4:10)

Disciples of Jesus Christ are gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve in areas of ministry assigned by God (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). Your gifts combine with others in the community of faith to building up the Body of Christ and accomplish God's mission to the world. Green Lawn is very active with many ministries and mission opportunities for service which are making an impact for our Lord Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God in our city, our nation, and in places around the world. Discovering your unique place of service and experiencing the joy of serving is the desire of the leadership of the Green Lawn church.

While we have many, diverse ministries going on at all times at Green Lawn, they are all a part of one, unified purpose. They form one, large net, if you will, that seeks to bring people into a closer walk of discipleship with Jesus Christ. When we teach, we do so to tell them about Jesus. When we clothe and feed, we introduce others to the Source of all blessings. When we help heal emotional and relational wounds, we bring persons to the Great Physician who provides the divine prescription for our ills. When we spend time together in fellowship, we point one another to the Master of the Banquet.

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Heather's Story

Heather explains how she came to appreciate and love God's grace for her, and why she is all in for her walk of faith in Jesus Christ.

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Audio/Visual Operators

Audio/visual equipment are useful tools for enhancing the experience as people are together for worship, fellowship, celebration or memorializing. Persons serving in this ministry operate the systems for providing sound amplification and visual...

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Communion Preparation

The church gathers together each week to participate in the taking of the Lord's Supper. As with anytime there is a meal served, someone has to prepare for its service and clean-up afterward. This ministry is responsible for having the communion...

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Communion Servers

Each week the church gathers to participate in the Lord's Supper together. Those serving in this ministry pass the trays that are used as we share the bread and the juice as the body of Christ.

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Ushers often have the opportunity to give guests and newcomers their first impressions of the family worshiping and serving at Green Lawn. Those serving in this capacity assist others in finding seating and help with special needs during assemblies.

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The Blessing Center

Jesus gave us instructions to give aid to those in need. Assistance is focused on situations needed for basic daily needs. This ministry seeks to love, serve, and minister by giving people a "hand up" when life is down.

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Senior Care

Senior Care partners with the 55+ crowd to provide for the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of older adults. This is a group with a great deal of skill and experience for serving in the Lord's kingdom.

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Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry of the Green Lawn church seeks to start children out on a lifetime of discipleship to Jesus Christ. Faith formation in children happens in the home, and this ministry comes alongside parents to support and equip them, and...

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Adult Spiritual Formation

The teaching ministry of the Green Lawn church endeavors to help people be transformed into the image of Christ by fostering closer and more meaningful relationships with God -- Father, Son, and Spirit -- and with one another. Although it takes...

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